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Research-Driven, Premium Supplements



Research-Driven, Premium Supplements


More Powerful Than What
You’re Taking Now

VITALIGENIX™ is an ultra-premium brand from MuscleTech® that utilizes the most potent,
clinically researched key ingredients available.

MuscleTech researchers designed this VITALIGENIX formula based on scientific research
with fully disclosed and transparent formulas.

Quality Above All

Each VITALIGENIX™ product is subject to strict, rigorous quality control measures. Each batch is third-party tested and verified to ensure that every bottle delivers the highest purity, quality and consistency.

Featuring Liquid Plasma Cap Technology

Not only do you get an industry-leading, powerful, fully disclosed formulas with VITALIGENIX™, but MuscleTech® researchers also utilized new liquid plasma cap technology for every formula. This incredible new liquid cap technology makes regular capsules a thing of the past. In addition to providing a tamper-proof, leak-proof and airtight sealed capsule, liquid plasma cap technology provides protection for the sensitive, premium ingredients used in VITALIGENIX products, while delivering a rapid release, so these powerful ingredients can go to work – fast!


The VITALIGENIX Difference
Powered by Clinically Researched Doses

While some formulas make claims that are almost too good to be true, you can never really tell just what you’re getting in each bottle because they don’t disclose their formulas! By using proprietary blends, they prevent you from knowing just how much of each ingredient is actually in each serving – which often means they’re underdosed or not using clinically researched doses.

Each and every VITALIGENIX formula comes with a fully disclosed label – delivering premium-quality key ingredients in precise and fully disclosed, clinically researched doses – without proprietary blends. You’ll know exactly how much of each premium ingredient you’re getting in every single serving!


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